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HMS Gladiator

HMS Gladiator was a 5,750-ton cruiser with a crew of 250 men. On 25 April, 1908, a foul, misty, and snowy day, she left Portland bound for Portsmouth. While the American 11,630-ton mail liner St Paul left Southampton on her way to New York. They both entered Hurst Race at the same time, when the snow storm was at its height. The two ships were not visible to each other until they were less than half a mile apart, heading on a direct collision course. » Read more

HMS Gladiator

Bembridge Fort

The fort is built on Bembridge Down close to the village of Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. It is one of the many Palmerston Forts built around Portsmouth during the period of the Second French Empire, as a safeguard against a perceived threat of French invasion. Construction of the fort began in May 1862 and was completed by July 1867 at a cost of £48,925. » Read more


Newport Electric Light Works

This building was originally Newport Electric Light Works, but is currently an empty ruin. To the left of the chimney the former Newport Railway Station can be seen with the footbridge that went across the platforms. Photo believed to been taken circa 1900. In the foreground are two tip up carts loaded with cereal for export.

Newport Electric
Light Works

East Cowes Castle

East Cowes Castle, located in East Cowes, was the home of architect John Nash between its completion and his death in 1835. Nash himself was the designer of the site, and began construction as early as 1798. He was interred on the grounds. The structure gained renown for its complex castellation, its gothic-style turrets and towers, and for the notable individuals who came to be Nash's guests there, including the Prince Regent and J.M.W. Turner, who painted a picture of the location.

East Cowes

Frank James Hospital

The Frank James Hospital is a purpose-built hospital in a 1903 Dutch Style built by Somers Clarke; it is located in the quiet town of East Cowes,on the Isle of Wight; built as a memorial to Frank James, eldest son of Sophia and Daniel James. He did much travelling to Africa in his yacht The Lancashire Witch and was killed by an elephant in 1890. The wind vane on top of the hospital is a model of James's yacht. » Read more

Frank James