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Ventnor Station - colour

Some colour photos of Ventnor station & St Boniface tunnel;

Ventnor station
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Trains emerge from the tunnel through St Boniface Down directly into Ventnor station, the site for which was excavated from solid rock. Looking for all the world like a model, No.36 Carisbrooke makes the point in 1965.

Ventnor train
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The same location viewed from a more conventional angle, as No.24 Calbourne arrives with a mid-morning train from Ryde in 1965.The signal man has just taken possession of the single-line tablet for the section from Wroxall.

Ventnor station
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Having run round its train, No.24 Calbourne prepares to depart Ventnor on the return journey to Ryde.

Ventnor station
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No.28 Ashey leaves Ventnor with a morning train for Ryde in 1965. The station was nearly 300ft above sea level, enjoying commanding views over the English Channel, but this meant that intending passengers had to carry their luggage up a steep hill from the town. As can be seen, there were two separate platforms, and to reach a train departing from the outer face of the island platform passengers had to use the portable gangway that was used to bridge the gap between the two platforms, there being no passenger access around the buffer stops.

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