log analysis

SS Carbon


The Carbon SS was a British Admiralty Steam Tug boat made in 1896 by Robert Craggs & Sons Ltd of Middlesbrough and Stockton. Originally it was named John Hallway, and its first owner was J. Constant, London, and weighed in at 185 grt, Dimensions : 22.56 x 5.41 x 2.74 m.
The engine was built by Stewart & Sons, Blackwell, and comprised of 1x 2cyl. Compound Expansion Engine, one boiler, single shaft, 1 screw, and was approximately 65 nhp.
She was owned by the admiralty from 1900 and used as a dockyard berthing tug, number C150.


1898 Alfred Tolhurst, Northfleet

1899 Percy Jones, London

1899 John Hammond, London

1900 George H Gordon, London

1900 Francis S Holland, London

1900 Admiralty as CARBON – later also C 150

1946 (unknown)


9th November  1947

The Carbon’s long career with the Navy came to an abrupt halt when she was being towed from Portland to Southampton for salvage when bad weather hit the south, the towing line broke, off the Needles. The Carbon drifted into Compton Bay and ended up going aground on the rocks. Attempts were made the following day to refloat her, but it appears it was not worth anyone’s while to recover her and so, known as, ‘the wreck’, she has remained a familiar landmark and can still be seen at low tide.